U.S. auto showrooms need more electric cars, environmental group says
ELECTRICCAR17.JPG Patrick Leslie unplugs his Leaf after charging the electric car at Boulder Nissan on Friday afternoon. Leslie, who works on battery systems, for Renewable Energy Systems gets a discount from his company to purchase a green car. Paul Aiken Staff Photographer Sept 11 2015

U.S. auto showrooms need more electric cars, environmental group says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Environmental group the Sierra Club on Tuesday urged automakers and dealerships to help cut U.S. carbon emissions and fight the climate crisis by making more electric vehicle available in U.S. showrooms.

“It’s past time for the auto industry to put some action behind its promises of progress and work to tackle emissions from transportation,” said Hieu Le, the report’s primary author.

The Sierra Club said its survey here of more than 900 U.S. dealerships found that 74% did not stock a single EV, but noted about 40% of dealerships in states that have adopted California’s zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate had EVs for sale.

The report found that 44% of dealerships offering EVs had no more than two EVs available in showrooms. Dealer salespeople regularly failed to provide information on tax incentives or had trouble answering questions about EV technology, the report found.

The group said automakers should boost EV production and offer then in more states, provide better incentives for dealerships selling EVs and make it easier for dealers to get certified to sell them.

The Sierra Club noted the United States accounts for 15% of global emissions, with the leading source being the transportation sector and said “accelerating the adoption and sales of EVs is crucial to tackling the climate crisis.”

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