Some Background:

In November of 2018, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commissioners (AQCC) voted unanimously to adopt a Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard for new cars and trucks. These new LEV standards will help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from new vehicles sold in Colorado.

Following the LEV vote, Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order in early 2019 that included a directive for the AQCC to adopt a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standard for the state, a standard that will bring more models of new electric vehicles to our state – models that without this standard would not have been sold to Coloradans.

None of these new standards make you buy a certain kind of new or used car or truck – it simply brings these newer models to our state for consumers who want this type of vehicle – a choice more and more consumers are demanding.

Together, these new standards will bring help clean the air we breathe, save consumers money and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s Next?

Because the Trump Administration is working to roll back federal vehicle emissions standards, Colorado needs to continue its efforts to move forward with statewide plans and policies that build on LEV and ZEV standards to clean our air, reduce pollution like greenhouse gases and keep us healthy. We can’t allow a few special interests from Washington to take us backwards.

LEV and ZEV standards were the first step, now we need to build out the infrastructure and create the programs that will build on that momentum.

Over the next several months we’ll be working to make sure the necessary EV infrastructure gets built, and that our states’ utilities, businesses, cities and towns intensify our collective efforts to make Colorado the most EV-friendly state in the country.

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