Some Background:

In November of 2018, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commissioners (AQCC) voted unanimously to adopt a
Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard for cars and trucks. These new LEV standards will work to reduce
harmful greenhouse gas emissions emitted from vehicles. The new standards are set to begin with the 2022
model year and more cars and trucks will be available to Coloradans who choose to drive lower emission
cars, SUVs and light trucks.

This standard does not include heavy trucks or farm equipment and will not mandate what sort of car or
truck you have to drive – it will, however, bring less polluting new vehicles to our dealers helping to clean the
air we breathe, save consumers money and reduce greenhouse gases.

What’s Next?

Because the Trump Administration is proposing that federal standards be rolled back, hurting the progress
we’ve made, Coloradans can take additional action now to continue to clean our air, reduce pollution like
greenhouse gases and keep us healthy.

We can’t allow a few special interests from Washington to take us backwards.

A LEV standard is a first step, but that alone won’t get Colorado to meet our transportation – and clean air –

The next step is a Zero Emission Vehicle or ZEV, standard; an essential step to meet the goals for Electric
Vehicle adoption set out in Colorado’s EV plan.

A ZEV standard is easily achievable, and – especially with the federal rollback – ZEV would ensure Colorado
does not go backwards on – and in fact can achieve – the goal of having the cleanest air in the country.
Governor Jared Polis, in his first executive order as Colorado’s new Governor, has directed the AQCC to
consider adopting a ZEV rule by the fall of 2019. This would take effect by 2023 and would require that 10%
of cars sales be electric over time. The eventual goal is to have nearly 1 million EVs in Colorado by 2030.

LEV and ZEV vehicles emit fewer emissions than a gasoline-powered vehicle, reducing harmful pollution. With
more LEV and ZEV vehicles on our roads, Colorado’s public and private health care costs would be
significantly reduced.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans want fuel efficiency raised and with the federal rollback of clean car standards –
standards which have saved Coloradans millions of dollars and have helped significantly cut greenhouse gas
emissions – Colorado now has the chance to act boldly.

Coloradans want clean air. We also want more choices of cleaner cars that we can afford. A Zero Emission
Vehicle standard helps us get there.

Over the next several months, Colorado will chart a path toward developing a ZEV standard for the state that
brings these cleaner cars to our state and by doing so will save us money, clean the air we breathe and
confront our changing climate.

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