Economic Benefits of Electric Cars
Ryan Kohlman, K2 Taxi Co-Owner

Economic Benefits of Electric Cars

Small businesses like K2 Taxi in Grand Junction decided to ditch their gas cars. 

Perhaps a strange decision for a taxi company. But what they did to replace these cars was to buy a new fleet of electric vehicles.

Their fleet now operates at a much lower cost, both from fuel and long-term maintenance, allowing them to do more with less. 

From these cost savings, the company has been able to offer paid time-off and bonus programs incentivizing even greater efficiency. 

“We really owe a lot of that to the EV transition,” said Ryan Kohlman, co-founder of K2 Taxi. “It’s allowed us financially to be comfortable in making the job better for all of our people.”

These lower vehicle costs mean that the company can invest its money in what matters: Its people. 

They see a huge benefit to more businesses picking up on the trend of going electric. 

“The future of Colorado is electrified,” Kohlman said. “This EV transition has really taken us to the next level.” 

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