Electric Cars Mean Drivers See Cost Savings
K2 Taxi founder Kevan Kohlman

Electric Cars Mean Drivers See Cost Savings

Businesses like K2 Taxi are at the vanguard of a movement to transition vehicle fleets from gas to electric. 

What’s behind the trend? Cost savings.

“Since we switched to the EVs, we have saved a fortune on the maintenance of the vehicles,” said Kevan Kohlman, Founder, K2 Taxi. 

The Grand Junction-based taxi company is about to be the  first all-electric taxi fleet in the United States. 

As the owners of the company note, transitioning to electric cars has “really exploded our growth.”

“There are fewer parts in electric vehicles. Fewer components can break. So the maintenance costs are less,” the company says. 

In addition, fuel costs are lower. The “mile per gallon” equivalent cost of gasoline versus electricity makes driving electric a cheaper way to go. (Check out this cost calculator to see how much you could save.)

Large corporations, city governments, hospital systems, and others who own lots of vehicles are increasingly making the switch to electric. For example, Amazon announced a huge order of electric delivery vans. 

As Colorado builds out its electric vehicle infrastructure, more and more companies, large and small, will be able to take advantage of these cost savings.

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