Why Colorado Needs More EV Chargers
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Why Colorado Needs More EV Chargers

As electric vehicles gain in popularity across America, there is an increasing need for places to charge the electric batteries that power these cars. 

For consumers, the cost of electricity is less than the cost of gasoline, so there’s cost savings to be had if drivers can find a charging station.

For many Coloradans who have gone electric, charging is as easy as plugging in at home. It’s like having the convenience of a gas station in your garage or driveway, minus the gas fumes. 

But for Colorado drivers who live in apartments or condominium complexes, charging can be a challenge. Likewise, for anyone driving across town, there’s a need for chargers on city streets and at commercial locations like grocery store parking lots and malls. 

Although the state has a plan and a new law to speed the development of charging infrastructure, there is still a need for more charging. 

That’s where local governments and the private sector come into the picture. As detailed in the video above, cities and counties can integrate charging into planning and can work with developers on building codes that ensure there’s enough public charging to go around. 

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