Colorado Needs More Electric Vehicle Chargers

Colorado Needs More Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles will change how Coloradans get around. 

Foremost, plugging in rather than stopping at the pump means drivers will need access to a robust network of charging stations. 

Cars can be plugged in at home charging stations, meaning drivers will basically have a gas station in their garage or driveway. 

And because these cars have no tailpipe emissions, they’ll help community air quality. In addition, owners of electric vehicles note that they save money on maintenance and fuel because the cost of electricity is lower than the cost of gasoline.

But here’s the big question with electric batteries: Will I be able to get where I need to go?

That will largely depend on the availability of public charging stations where people can stop to recharge their electric vehicles. To that end, the State of Colorado has a charging plan. And Colorado has a new law that paves the way for more charging stations and faster charging stations.

Beyond state borders, Colorado is participating in a coalition of states called RevWest. Groups of states across the West are collaborating to ensure that adequate charging exists for motorists who are going on long trips.

“From the Eastern border of Colorado all the way to the West Coast, you’ll be confident you can take an electric vehicle essentially anywhere in the Western United States,” said Will Toor, Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office. “I think that’s a game changer.”


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