New Electric Cars on Their Way to Colorado Dealerships

New Electric Cars on Their Way to Colorado Dealerships

For virtually all of automotive history, auto manufacturers have almost exclusively made cars that run on internal combustion engines. 

That’s changing in a big way. 

Auto manufacturers are increasingly announcing shifts to electric car production, and the variety of electric vehicles available in the next few years is set to skyrocket. Some are even forgoing the internal combustion engine entirely and have announced that their future is all-electric. 

These new models will include all types of vehicles, including the trucks and SUVs that are popular in Colorado. For instance, the American-made Rivian truck will have very long range and all the gear-hauling capacity of any other truck. That same power, acceleration, and mountain driving capability will be there; all that will change is what’s under the hood. 

As Will Toor, the Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office, notes, there will soon be 19 different crossovers that will be hybrid or full battery electric. 

The key is to make sure they’re sold in Colorado, he said. 

To that end, Colorado just adopted a “Zero Emission Vehicle” clean car program, which will help ensure that Colorado is at the front of the line for the newest electric vehicle models.

Paired with Colorado’s robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure plan, Colorado will be among the leaders in America for both availability of charging and availability and variety of electric vehicles on sale at local dealerships.

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