Colorado is leading the way on EVs, with crucial weeks of action ahead

Colorado is leading the way on EVs, with crucial weeks of action ahead

As the 2019 legislative session enters its final weeks, Colorado’s lawmakers will consider several important bills that will help provide more opportunities for Coloradans who want to purchase and drive electric vehicles in our great state. From tax credit extensions, to encouraging utility companies to build more charging stations, legislators are working to bring more electric vehicles to Coloradans who want them.

Add to that the potential for the Air Quality Control Commission to adopt an Electric Vehicle standard for the state that would bring more models of vehicles to our dealers, Colorado is charging forward on EVs.

An increasing number of Coloradans are seeing the benefits of EV ownership – from low cost of ownership, to saving money on their utility bills, and to cleaning the air we breathe – they want to own and drive electric vehicles, particularly as more options become available and those vehicle prices keep falling. Coloradans want more choices, lower utility bills and cleaner air – goals we can realize thanks to our legislators.

Senators Angela Williams (D) and Kevin Priola (R) recently published an opinion piece in Colorado Politics talking about the benefits one of these pieces of legislation has – Senate Bill 77 – and how important this bill is as our entire state becomes more electrified. In the face of federal rollbacks of clean car standards, Colorado has a real opportunity to electrify our transportation sector – something that will benefit all of us.

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